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Box of Birds

pigment prints 60 x 80 cm or 72 x 48 cm, banner print 2013

performers Victoria Hunt, Linda Luke, Tess de Quincey

Pale-headed flycatcher, 2013

Pale-headed flycatcher, 2013

Slender-throated warbler

Slender-throated warbler, 2013

Night whistler

Night whistler, 2013

Conspicuous kite

Conspicuous kite, 2013

Clamorous shrike

Clamorous shrike, 2013

Agitated thrush

Agitated thrush, 2013

Stone bird

Stone bird, 2013

Tricoloured sylph

Tricoloured sylph, 2013

Feathered emissary

Feathered emissary, 2013


Box of Birds catalogue pdf

Box of Birds feature in Landscape Stories number 19:

Download PIPELINE issue 43 feature here